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The 100% Australian owned Greenham Tongala, Tasmania & Gippsland operations buy livestock from thousands of mainland and Tasmanian suppliers through ‘over the hooks’ trading at their plants and a network of Live Weight buying centres.

100% Australian Owned

The family owned Greenham Tongala, Tasmania and Gippsland operations buy livestock from over 9,000 mainland and Tasmanian suppliers through live weight buying centres or ‘over the hooks’ trading at their plants.

The Tongala plant processes mainly cast-for-age dairy cows for boxed beef export to the USA whilst the Smithton operation in Tasmania’s pristine north west, produces some of the world's best grass fed beef under the Cape Grim Beef label.

The Gippsland operation processes a combination of cows, bulls and premium cattle sourced from the best regions in Southern Australia. Greenham’s brands and products are found on the menus of Australia's leading restaurants and exported to established customers in over twenty five countries including USA, Canada, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Maldives, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Greenham aims to provide the most convenient and fair option for farmers to sell their livestock – from cull cows and bulls to fully integrated program cattle for premium markets. The company offers electronic payment to bank accounts within 36 hours (if selling over the hooks) or cheque on the spot for all live weight scales purchases.


Cape Grim farmer Milton in Stanley, TAS


A Message from the Managing Directors

The Greenham group of companies combines the strength of three operations with diverse outputs but also competitive advantages. Through a deep understanding across the spectrum of processing, we aim to meet the needs of our cattle suppliers and customers in providing consistency in all that we offer.

All of the company’s operating assets are strategically located, providing an excellent geographic spread with capacity to procure livestock from across the entire Australian continent. Our suppliers, particularly for premium beef, benefit from our innovative sales and marketing strategies as we make the conscious choice to integrate our suppliers, and their stories, into our brands. We acknowledge that without our loyal suppliers, we do not have a viable business.

Across the modern and well maintained Smithton, Tongala, Gippsland and Port Melbourne sites, we have a team of talented, loyal and motivated employees with excellent industry knowledge from procurement to operations, quality assurance, logistics to sales and marketing.

We are of the view that our success only comes from developing the people who work in our businesses. Employee training and development is a high priority for both companies and we continue to invest in improving skills, encouraging innovation and looking to the next generation in building a great business for all.

With thanks to all who make Greenham what it is.


Peter Greenham Jnr 

Peter Greenham Jnr
Grant Ryan


Green Point Marrawah TAS


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to:

  • Efficiently produce the highest quality beef products;
  • Strive to be leaders within our industry;
  • Provide our suppliers and customers with the best quality and service possible;
  • Be a workforce that seeks excellence; and
  • Continually improve on everything we do for the long-term benefit of all our stakeholders


  • Integrity – we are ethical, transparent, and inclusive in all dealings with suppliers and customers
  • Safety – we provide a safe and healthy workplace for all our staff, contractors and visitors
  • People – we value our employees and work together to better our industry
  • Ideas – we embrace innovation and are driven by an improvement culture
  • Community – we are ardent supporters of local communities and organizations, particularly in rural areas